Bar el Hipopotamo

The barman at El Hipopotamo in San Telmo, Buenos Aires. He’s lived within two blocks of that bar for his whole life.

Jordan and Blanca

Jordan gives his sister Blanca a piggyback ride home after herding goats in the Mapuche village of Chiquilihuin, southern Argentina.

Hostel Palafito Cucao

Morning fog covers an estuary in Cucao National Park on the island of Chiloé, Chile.

RobRob, a New Hampshire native headed off to serve as a doctor with the U.S. Navy (35 mm)

Smoky Mountains, TN

Wildlife on the Appalachian Trail in the Smoky Mountains, Tennessee.

Pepe and Emma

Pepé and Emma dangle their feet off the edge of Uruguay on Río de la Plata.

Ozette River, Olympic Peninsula

My uncle has been coming to camp at the mouth of the Ozette River on the Washington coast for forty years.


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  1. This photography is DOPE

    it all rings with a similar sound, nice work!

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