Life in a Bedouin village that’s been destroyed 101 times

Published in The Week: “Life in a Bedouin village that’s been destroyed 101 times.” Read it here.

“My grandfather is there. My aunt is there. And I’ll be here, God willing.”

Soliman Abu-Madegham steps through the Negev dust in the cemetery at Al-Araqib, pointing to graves in the desert dirt.




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  1. What a beautiful and moving story, Skylar. So glad that you’ve told it. How would most of us ever know about these people and their resilience? Thank you. XXCathy

  2. Thank you for this understated yet vivid account of what people in this village have been subjected to. It is outrageous, and as an American I feel shame for my country’s role in supporting the government that wreaks such destruction. These people as you portray them have such courage; it is humbling and inspiring.

  3. Yay, Sky! Now, there is another little village in the world that we care about. The writing is good and so are the photographs. Good work! T

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